Watch Portfolio

Watch photography can be very tricky because of all the reflections at every angle.

Multiple photos are taken for each element of the watch and combined to create the perfect image. 

Watch Videos

Watch videos are really a great way to showcase all the different features, details and moving parts a watch can have. Moving dials, sparkling diamonds and motion can keep a viewer's short attention. The videos below were sent out as emails and product samples on clients web pages. Because they are short, it's  perfect to show on social media, like Instagram or Facebook.

Watch Life stlye Images

These are watch product shots that were grouped together and the backgrounds were changed. You can create stunning images that can showcase an entire watch line. Our clients use these for in-store displays, HD TV monitors and posters.

Retouching a watch is very time consuming, because each element needs to be photographed separately. So in this video demo you can see me combining the over all watch shot, with a separate shot of the mother of pearl dial, a shot for the colored diamonds, a shot for the top and bottom of the watch band. This will give you some idea of all the hand work that goes into finishing a top of line watch photo.

You'll see me clipping each element, then cleaning all the dust and scratches. Next you'll watch me blend the different parts.

Retouching is all about the attention to details.

Run Time is 5 mins.

Have a look at me retouching a watch photo. You can see all the steps I take to clean and clip all of the individual elements to get a perfect watch photo. This is a labor of love.