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By Marjorie Morrow

I’ve known and worked with Arnold Katz for 25 years. He is an innovative photographer—and model maker—who can solve any issue; when you walk into his studio, you know you’re in for a creative experience. Joined in the family business by his wife Marsha and son David, he made
the switch from traditional to digital photography just as David followed his father into the field. Together they have developed techniques to fit the special needs of their clients, currently
cutting-edge, high-end jewelry photography and videos.

A native New Yorker who grew up on the Lower East Side, Arnold developed an interest in photography early in the 1950’s; he has a treasure trove of interesting stories about the field,
his early jobs, and the personalities he’s encountered along the way. Two of his covers held in
the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute show the attention to detail and the lengths Arnold will go to in order to solve a visual problem. One of my favorites is his gold-painted spaghetti that formed a unique background to offset amethyst jewels.  

My pastel drawing, “Ominous Sky”, caught Arnold’s eye in aexhibit in 2002.
His attraction to it is an example of how a person brings his own personal vision
to a piece of artwork; it’s representative of how we communicate through art. I’m
delighted to have my drawing recognized and appreciated by a fellow artist. 

Welcome to Chapter 13 of Marjorie Morrow’s Art Orbit…

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