Group photos are a great way to showcase your jewelry collections and matching sets.  Encourage clients to purchase add-on pieces.  If your wife loved that bracelet you gave her for her birthday, why not get her the matching earrings for Mother's Day?  Sets and collection groupings can make it so much easier for your clients to find the perfect set.  


Sets and group advertisements are also a great way to let your clients know that they have options. 

Let them know that ring comes in platinum, yellow gold and rose gold.  

Jewelry sets can be photographed in may styles.  Whether on white background or in a creative lifestyle setting, our jewelry specialist has years of experience and can make each individual piece in the group look absolutely breathtaking.

Retouching Sets

Here is a little video of me retouching a ring stack. There is a lot of retouching, not only because there are a lot of rings here, but also because all of the jewelry was very well worn and not polished. The video has been speed up to condense the time. You can see me making a clipping path to cut out the jewelry and then select all of the stones. Its a labor of love


Jewelry page-a-day calendar finished photo.

Jewelry page-a-day calendar finished photo.

This is a video of me retouching a stack ring photo. This photo was used as the cover to a page a day calendar published by Workman Publishing